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Our Story

Hugo Games is an award winning mobile games publisher and developer located in Copenhagen and Nottingham.

Established in 2011, Hugo Games has reached millions of players worldwide with titles such as Hugo Troll Race 2, Kick ‘n’ Run and Super Stars Cristiano Ronaldo. Their knowledge and passion for gaming has firmly established them as a leading global developer and publisher of high quality games for smartphones and tablet devices.

Hugo Games’ ambition is to provide exceptional gaming experiences that players recommend to family and friends. Their determination and passion comes from staff that are given the freedom to be innovative and creative, and investors that seek them out for long-term results.

Mobile gaming is expected to be the biggest part of the digital game business in the next two years. Hugo Games believes it has the skills and strategy to become a Nordic tier one mobile company. The quality of its IPs – now and in the future – is what makes them significant.

Hugo Games know that you can’t grow a company on one winning product. That’s why their global strategy is to minimize the market risk by developing and acquiring games on different levels. Their future vision is to have five categories, each featuring one standout IP.